Johannes Felsenberg

Felsenberg J, Jacob PF, Walker T, Barnstedt O, Edmondson-Stait AJ, Pleijzier M W, Otto N, Schlegel P, Sharifi N, Perisse E, Smith CS, Lauritzen JS, Costa M, Jefferis, GSXE, Bock DD, Waddell S (2018) Integration of Parallel Opposing Memories Underlies Memory Extinction.
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Front Behav Neurosci 9, 91

Felsenberg J, Dyck Y, Kloss A, Dahlmann B, Kloetzel PM, Eisenhardt D (2014) Two inhibitors of the ubiquitin proteasome system enhance long-term memory formation upon olfactory conditioning in the honeybee (Apis mellifera).
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Plath JA*, Felsenberg J*, Eisenhardt D (2012) Reinstatement in honeybees is context-dependent.
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*equally contributed

Felsenberg J, Dombrowski V, Eisenhardt D (2012) A role of protein degradation in memory consolidation after initial learning and extinction learning in the honeybee (Apis mellifera).
Learning & Memory 19, 470-477

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