Susan M. Gasser

1982 PhD (Biochemistry), University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland
1979 BA (Hons Biophysics), University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill., USA

Positions held
2005- Full Professor, Molecular Biology, University of Basel, Switzerland
2004-2019 Director, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel, Switzerland
2001-2004 Full Professor, Dept. of Molecular Biology, University of Geneva, Switzerland
1991-2001 Senior Group Leader, ISREC, Epalinges, Switzerland
1986-1991 Junior Group Leader, Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research (ISREC), Epalinges, Switzerland
1983-1986 Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Molecular Biology, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

2020-2023 Member, Biozentrum Scientific Advisory Board, University of Basel
2018 Named to Executive Board of Accentus and Empiris Foundations, Zürich
2017-2020 Member, Swiss Tropical & Public Health Institute, Scientific Advisory Board
2017-2020 Member, Univ. Tokyo Institute of Quant. Sciences, Scientific Advisory Board
2017-2019 Who's who in Switzerland, Who's who in Germany
2016-2022 Member, Crick Institute Scientific Advisory Board, London
2016-2022 Member, Swiss Science Council (SSC, advising Science Ministry)
2016 Honorary Doctorate in Medicine, Charles University of Prague
2016 Lee Hartwell Award, Genetics Society of America
2015-2021 Member, EMBL Scientific Advisory Council, Heidelberg
2015-2021 Member, Gairdner Prize Advisory committee, Toronto, Canada
2014-2019 Chair, Swiss National Science Foundation Gender Commission
2014-2018 Chair, Career Development Grant Review Committee HFSPO, Strasbourg
2014-2018 Member, Executive Board, Genomics Institute of the Novartis Res. Foundation
2014-2018 Scientific Review Board of Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, NL
2014 Honorary Doctorate in Molecular biology, University of Lausanne
2013-2018 Member, Wissenschaftlicher Beirat of the Instituteof Advanced Study, Berlin
2013-2015 Member of the EC President's Science and Technology Advisory Council
2013 Weizmann Institute, Women in Science Award
2012-2016 Advisory Board for Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen
2012 EMBO/FEBS Women in Science Award
2011 Prix International de l'INSERM, France
2009 Election to American Association for the Advancement of Science
2009 London Royal Society of Chemistry "Nucleic Acid" Award
2008-2018 Member of the Nestlé Nutrition Council, Nestlé SA8
2007 Election to German Academy of Science, Leopoldina
2006 Election to Academy of Medical Sciences, Switzerland
2006 Gregor Mendel Medal, Czech Academy of Science
2006 Otto Naegeli Prize for Biomedical Research, Switzerland
2005-2016 Board of Directors, Gebert Rüf Foundation, Basel
2005 Foreign member, Académie des Sciences, Institut de France
2000-2004 Vice Chair and then Chair, EMBO Council, Heidelberg
1998 Election to Academia Europaea
1994 Friedrich Miescher Prize, Swiss Society for Biochemistry
1993 Member, EMBO
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