An excellent place for postdoctoral training

The Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research is an excellent place to obtain a comprehensive postdoctoral training. It offers a well-developed scientific infrastructure, good living conditions and an English-speaking international work force.

Postdoctoral investigators are hired by group leaders and are normally required to conduct research and studies in areas directly relevant to a particular research group.

Postdoctoral investigators are supported by five postdoc representatives. The representatives provide useful information to new and current postdocs and serve as mediators between postdoctoral fellows and the Director of the institute. They also organize a variety of events and seminar series.

FMI one of the top-ranking institutions internationally for postdocs

In March 2012, The Scientist, an American professional magazine of the life sciences, announced the results of their 10th Annual Best Places to Work for Postdocs survey. In this survey, the FMI ranked fourth among international institutions. The survey shows that at the FMI, postdocs benefit from a well-developed infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology platforms and a comprehensive postdoctoral training. After 2006, when the FMI was voted "Best Place to Work for Postdocs" outside the USA, this is the second time that the FMI ranks in the top-five of this survey.

» Article in "The Scientist"


Successful career progression of FMI postdocs

In spring 2015, we assessed the career paths of former postdocs. Of those who had finished their postdoctoral studies at FMI between 2008 and 2014:

  • Almost 30% held a group leader position in academia (23%), in industry (4%), or as a platform head (2%)
  • More than 35% held a permanent position in industry (26%) or academia (9%)
  • About 23% were pursuing a second postdoctoral qualification


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