Aug 07, 2017

When machine learning meets neurobiology

Peter Rupprecht and Stephan Gerhard, two members of Rainer Friedrich's group at the FMI, have developed a powerful and elegant machine-learning approach to reconstruct action potentials from calcium signals in neurons. Their method won them the "Spikefinder challenge" - a friendly competition which attracted more than 30 teams of scientists - including deep-learning experts - from around the world. Read more

Jul 26, 2017

Visualization of transcription initiation at single-molecule resolution

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Jul 17, 2017

FMI-IGC PhD retreat: Networking in a vibrant scientific atmosphere

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Jul 05, 2017

Preserving the active chromatin state

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Aug 23, 2017. Time: 16:30  FMI Room 530  Add to my calendar  Register for this event

Mismatch receptive fields in mouse primary visual cortex
Pawel Zmarz

Aug 30, 2017. Time: 16:00  FMI Room 530  Add to my calendar  Register for this event

Hubert Bloch Lecture
Exploring the therapeutic options for Multiple Sclerosis - a success story?

Ludwig Kappos, Dept. of Biomedicine, University of Basel

Aug 31, 2017. Time: 11.30  FMI Room 530  Add to my calendar  Register for this event

Neural circuits and behavior in larval zebrafish
Florian Engert, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA,

Sep 01, 2017. Time: 11:00  FMI Room 530  Add to my calendar  Register for this event

Title TBA
Andrea Pauli, IMP Research Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna, Austria

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Recent Publications

Krebs AR, Imanci D, Hoerner L, Gaidatzis D, Burger L, Schübeler D Genome-wide Single-Molecule Footprinting Reveals High RNA Polymerase II Turnover at Paused Promoters Mol Cell. 2017 Aug; 67(3):411-422

Flury V, Georgescu PR, Iesmantavicius V, Shimada Y, Kuzdere T, Braun S, Bühler M The Histone Acetyltransferase Mst2 Protects Active Chromatin from Epigenetic Silencing by Acetylating the Ubiquitin Ligase Brl1 Mol Cell. 2017 Jul; 67(2):294-307

Hillier D, Fiscella M, Drinnenberg A Trenholm S, Rompani SB, Raics Z, Katona G, Juettner J, Hierlemann A, Rozsa B, Roska B Causal evidence for retina-dependent and -independent visual motion computations in mouse cortex Nat Neurosci. 2017 Jul; 20(7):960-968

Hadziselimovic F, Gegenschatz-Schmid K, Verkauskas G, Demougin P, Bilius V, Dasevicius D, Stadler MB Genes Involved in Long-Term Memory Are Expressed in Testis of Cryptorchid Boys and Respond to GnRHa Treatment Cytogenet Genome Res. 2017 Jul; [Epub ahead of print]

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